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26. 10. 2023

Richer winter flight schedule: 15 regular airlines to 18 destinations

On Sunday, October 29, 2023 the winter schedule will come into effect in air traffic. Until end of March, 2024 it will be possible to travel to 18 destinations with 15 regular airlines from Ljubljana Airport. Compared to the last winter schedule, connections to Luxembourg, Skopje and Priština are added, and for the first time in winter season flights of British Airways to London Heathrow will be available. The frequencies of flights to Istanbul, Dubai, Zurich and Belgrade will be strengthened. In early October the millionth passenger landed at Ljubljana Airport, and until end of the year, we expect to serve more than 1.2 million passengers, over 20 percent more than last year.

11. 10. 2023

Electric vehicle charging station opens at Ljubljana Airport

The Petrol Group and Fraport Slovenija have opened an electric vehicle charging station at Ljubljana Airport. It is located in vicinity of the Terminal A, on parking P1. It features four charging points, which for now are capable of providing energy for eight electric vehicles. The charging points were installed as part of the European MULTI-E project, the main objective of which is to develop mobility services and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This project is proof of Petrol and Fraport Slovenija’s commitment to fulfilling their vision and mission of working towards a zero-carbon society and a green future.

6. 10. 2023

The millionth passenger lands at Ljubljana Airport

Today Ljubljana Airport welcomed its millionth passenger. He arrived from Istanbul with the morning flight of Turkish Airlines. A strengthened flight network in the summer schedule – 19 regular airlines offering 23 destinations, and rising demand resulted that one million passengers travelled through the airport a bit sooner than expected. The winter season, which is set to start end of October, will be richer in flight offer than last year's, thus now more than 1.2 million passengers are expected to be handled until the end of the year. Recently new flights to Luxembourg and Skopje were introduced, and in the next summer season, in May 2024, for the first time a connection to Riga will be established.

28. 9. 2023

Wizz Air introduces Skopje flights from Ljubljana Airport

Wizz Air, the fastest growing airline in Europe and the most environmentally sustainable airline globally*, is expanding the flight offer from Ljubljana Airport. Yesterday, on September 27, the airline introduced a new connection to Skopje, that will be operated twice weekly, every Wednesday and Sunday. Skopje is already the 23rd regular flight connection available in the summer schedule from Ljubljana Airport. In the middle of September, the 900,000th passenger took off from Ljubljana Airport. Until the end of the year we expect to handle more than 1.2 million passengers to travel to/from Ljubljana Airport.

14. 9. 2023

New connection of Luxair to Luxembourg

The flight network of Ljubljana Airport is strengthened with a new connection of Luxair. The carrier established new flights to Luxembourg on September 14, it will operate them twice weekly. Altogether 23 direct connections with 19 airlines are offered from Ljubljana Airport in the summer schedule.

4. 8. 2023

Access to the motorway, 10 Brnik in the direction of Ljubljana is temporarily closed due to flooded sections

Due to flooded sections on the road access from the airport to the motorway A2-E61, 10 Brnik in the direction of Ljubljana is temporarily closed. We advise passengers to use access through 9 Kranj - vzhod. 

30. 6. 2023

Flights to Luxembourg available from September 2023 with Luxair

The flight network of Ljubljana Airport will be strengthened with a new connection of Luxair still in the summer schedule. The carrier will establish twice weekly flights to Luxembourg on September 14. Altogether 23 direct connections with 19 airlines will be available from Ljubljana Airport.

6. 6. 2023

Aegean Airlines from Ljubljana Airport to Athens, 30 % passenger growth in May

Zg. Brnik, June 6, 2023 - The flight network from Ljubljana Airport is richer for a new destination. On Tuesday, June 6, Aegean Airlines established regular flights to Athens. The airline will be flying to Greece twice weekly. In May, more than 110,000 passengers traveled through Ljubljana Airport, 30 % more than in May 2022. We are expecting the growth trend to continue during the summer months. 18 regular airlines will be offering flights to 22 destinations. In the peak season there will be one fifth more seats offered compared to the same period last year, the number of flights will be higher by a quarter.  

26. 5. 2023

First flight to Greece opens the main charter season

With the first charter flight to Greece this year, Ljubljana Airport has entered the main charter season. Organized by travel agencies the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean and beyond will be available. The summer season 2023, valid until end October, will serve with charter flights to 39 destinations in 20 countries. The growth of charter traffic is encouraging. Already this year the number of passengers in this segment is expected to climb to the level it had been recording before the covid-19 pandemic. Over 150,000 passengers are expected to be handled on charter flights until end of 2023.

19. 5. 2023

Connectivity increasing, some connections already surpassing the numbers of passengers from 2019

The flight network from Ljubljana Airport is strengthened in the summer timetable 2023 – it is possible to fly to 22 destinations with 18 regular carriers, and in peak season more than 130 flights per week will be available. Connectivity is improving with more frequent flights to important hubs, the offer of destinations is richer for re-established connections. Aegean Airlines is establishing new flights to Athens in June and Wizz Air will introduce a new connection to Skopje in September. In the period from January until April a 51 % growth of passengers has been recorded. With rising demand some connections have already surpassed the levels of passengers they had been recording in 2019.

11. 4. 2023

Finnair back with flights to Helsinki

Finnair is coming back to Ljubljana Airport after three years. Today, on April 10, the carrier is re-establishing flights to Helsinki. It will be connecting Slovenia to Finland four times weekly. In the summer schedule 18 regular carriers will be offering flights to 21 destinations. A novelty will be welcomed in June, when Aegean Airlines is introducing flights to Athens.

24. 3. 2023

18 airlines to 21 destinations in the summer schedule

On Sunday, March 26, air traffic will switch to the summer schedule. More regular flights will be available, novelties include destinations offered and increases in flight frequencies, especially to important hubs ensuring connectivity to the world. Already in April, the offer of destinations will be expanded by Finnair with flights to Helsinki, and in June, Aegean Airlines will establish flights to Athens. Charter offer will also increase, flights to many popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean and beyond will be available.

24. 3. 2023

Due to a strike of staff at some German airports flights from/to Frankfurt and Munich cancelled on Monday

Due to an announced one-day strike of staff at some German airports, also at Frankfurt and Munich, certain flights of Lufthansa from/to Frankfurt and Munich are cancelled on Sunday and Monday at Ljubljana Airport. 

7. 3. 2023

Passenger numbers grow significantly, bigger flight offer in summer season

In the first two months of 2023 Ljubljana Airport has recorded a significant growth in passenger numbers. Compared to the same period last year, 62 % more passengers travelled through the airport. In the summer season a new connection of Aegean Airlines to Athens will be welcomed and Finnair will be returning flights to Helsinki after three years.  

2. 2. 2023

New body scanner for more effective and comfortable passenger security scans

Fraport Slovenija has installed an advanced body scanner in the security checkpoint at Ljubljana Airport. The new technology will provide for increased security, higher passenger flows through the security checkpoint, and a better user experience.

10. 1. 2023

Recommendations for travelers to or from China

If you are planning to travel to China or returning from China to Slovenia, check the recommendations from NIJZ.

23. 12. 2022

Soon a bigger flight offer to Dubai and Istanbul, increased frequencies to most destinations in summer season

Airlines are strengthening their connections from Ljubljana Airport. In the coming week flydubai will be boosting its service to Dubai by offering daily flights on the route. Still in the winter season, Turkish Airlines will also be upgrading its connection to Istanbul. The summer season 2023 looks promising with significant upgrades in frequencies and a novelty – Aegean Airlines will be establishing scheduled flights to Athens.

30. 11. 2022

10 magical festive destinations

In the holiday season, cities all over the world sparkle with countless festive lights, while Christmas markets are filled with the delicious aromas of baked goods and hot drinks. If you’d like to wander through beautifully decorated city streets and squares and visit a lively Christmas fair, then check out our list of 10 magical festive destinations which can be reached from our airport at affordable prices.

29. 11. 2022

Fraport Slovenija receives award for the best annual report

For the 23rd year in a row, Časnik Finance has awarded the most prestigious professional award in business reporting - the best annual report. For the 2021 Sustainability Report, the panel awarded Fraport Slovenija the main prize in the Best Annual Report category among large companies that are not subjects of public interest according to the Companies Act.

27. 10. 2022

12 carriers to 14 destinations from Ljubljana Airport in the winter timetable

On Sunday, October 30, the winter timetable will come into effect in air traffic. Direct connections of 12 regular airlines will be available to 14 destinations from Ljubljana Airport until the end of March 2023. During the autumn school holidays charter flights to popular destinations in Egypt, Turkey, Spain and Malta will be operated. Almost 750,000 passengers have been handled until end of September, 174 % more than in the same period last year.