Special needs passengers

Passengers in need of assistance

We can provide special assistance and help during boarding and disembarking, flight, in the event of an urgent evacuation and during ground handling to all passengers whose medical condition requires it. We strive to offer a safe and carefree experience to all passengers before and during their flight.

Assistance for passengers with special needs

Ljubljana Airport strives to provide all passengers with access to all our services. In order to provide the best possible assistance to passengers with special needs, we must be informed of such needs in advance. We recommend you to provide as much information as possible regarding the required assistance to the carrier when booking the flight. Failure to do so, will prevent the carrier and airport staff from providing necessary assistance. In the worst-case scenario, the carrier might even refuse boarding to such a person.
Individuals in need of assistance or whose medical condition requires assistance, must register at the information desk in the check-in area of the new passenger terminal at Ljubljana Airport. During the booking, the passenger shall receive a universal card indicating the level of required assistance.

Passengers with special needs include:

  • People with reduced mobility
  • Patients
  • Injured passengers
  • Pregnant women
  • Elderly passengers
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Health problems and conditions

In case of medical problems or conditions, consult your doctor and carrier before traveling. In case of certain circumstances (extraordinary flight conditions, extremely bad weather conditions), carriers can refuse boarding to any type of passengers whose medical condition requires assistance.

Persons with limited mobility

Ljubljana Airport staff will take care of you and provide you with the necessary assistance from the moment you arrive at the airport until the time you board the plane and are seated in the plane’s seat. We will accompany you from the very start, help with the formalities and boarding, whereupon you will be handed over to the airline’s cabin crew.

We also offer assistance when disembarking if you requested such assistance at the time of booking and boarding at the departure airport. We also recommend you inform the cabin crew of your need for assistance. After landing, airport staff will help you during disembarking, formalities, picking up your luggage and exiting from the terminal. If you are a transfer passenger or plan to continue your flight, we will assist you in disembarking and reboarding the aircraft, as well as in completing all other necessary formalities.

If you don’t have your own wheelchair

  • Wheelchairs are available at the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport.
  • You can request a wheelchair upon arriving at the car park or you can do so at points for passengers with limited mobility, located at the entrance and exit from Terminal A. These points are also marked on the map. You can moreover ask for help at Terminal A and our staff will arrive to the appointed location.

If you are using your own wheelchair

  • When purchasing a ticket, you must inform the carrier about the wheelchair’s dimensions and weight.
  • If you are using an electric wheelchair, you must inform the carrier of the type of batteries before traveling, as some types have to be disconnected and insulated for safety reasons before being loaded on the plane.
  • Special restrictions apply for wheelchairs that can cause battery spillage.
  • While you are, in principle, allowed to use your electric wheelchair until boarding the plane, we recommend that you switch to the one provided by the airport at check-in. Our staff will assist you in the changeover.
  • Please check the carrier’s terms and conditions before flying.

Call for assistance upon arriving at the entrance barrier by pressing the highlighted information button. Tell the answering staff member about the type of assistance you require.

All of the airport’s car parks include free marked parking spaces for the disabled. We recommend that you choose the P1 outdoor park or the multistorey car park as they are the closest to the terminals.

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Accessibility at the airport

Free parking for the disabled is available at the airport. All areas of the passenger terminal are accessible by wheelchair. For additional assistance, we have also prepared information points and labels to help you contact the staff who offer assistance in completing all the formalities and boarding. Should you require additional information, contact our passenger info centre.