New body scanner for more effective and comfortable passenger security scans

2. 2. 2023

Fraport Slovenija has installed an advanced body scanner in the security checkpoint at Ljubljana Airport. The new technology will provide for increased security, higher passenger flows through the security checkpoint, and a better user experience.

The new passenger terminal that opened in mid-2021 uses advanced technology to improve the user experience and to ensure even greater levels of security in air transport. Passengers pass through into the security checkpoint via gates with automatic boarding pass scanning, while flow speed through security is increased with the help of two smart security lines and advanced baggage scanning technology. The latest addition to the security checkpoint is the body scanner, which will make passenger security checks even more effective.

The new Rhode & Schwarz QPS201 was installed recently and is already in use. The system is designed to be simple to use, with an intuitive graphics display that requires minimal training and allows operators to quickly gain full competence. When being scanned, passengers can stand in a comfortable, easy-to-hold posture with hands down that nevertheless allows for effective screening. In just a few seconds the machine makes a full scan of the entire body using harmless low-power millimetre waves that allow for privacy to be maintained while capturing the necessary data. Any suspicious items are flagged for the operator on the image (an avatar), which helps to preserve the passengers’ privacy. In contrast to metal detectors, the QPS201 system detects all types of potentially dangerous objects (metal, ceramics, plastics or liquid).

Dušan Sofrić, head of safety and security at Fraport Slovenija, said about the latest acquisition: “We’re always monitoring the latest technological trends in civil aviation security, and try to make use of them at Ljubljana Airport. Last year we installed the very latest system for detecting explosives in checked baggage, and now we’re delighted to introduce our new security scanner, which meets three key requirements for the airport: it ensures a high passenger flow through the security checkpoint, reducing queues at peak times, it has great precision in identifying threats, and it also has a low rate of false alarms, which reduces the need for manual searches. All of this will be a great help to our security personnel, and at the same time will significantly improve the passenger experience.”

Since 2014 Fraport Slovenija has invested more than €70 million in the development and modernization of the airport’s infrastructure and equipment, and will continue to be committed to increase the competitiveness and importance of Ljubljana Airport in the region, investing further - more than €50 million until 2030. The biggest investment so far has been the new passenger terminal, valued at the total of €23 million. With the construction, which took place in challenging circumstances during the Covid-19 pandemic, we gained a modern infrastructure, spreading over an area of 10,000 m2, which offers its users higher quality, a greater variety of services and a better working environment. In 2022 this investment cycle was concluded with a few additional developments. In 2023 investments will concentrate on maneuvering areas and cargo infrastructure. A part of the existing taxiway will be rehabilitated  and an additional one built, navigational signs and runway approach lights will be replaced. The final phase of investment into the existing facilities of the cargo terminal is underway, to cover the increasing demand. End of February we will commission a new Unit Load Device (ULD) Center, where truck cargo will be prepared for air transport. The existing ULD processing capacity will be doubled, also warehouse storage and handling space will be increased by 10-15%.