Award for best annual report in the area of sustainable development

30. 11. 2020

For 21 years the business daily Finance has been awarding the most prestigious professional accolades in business reporting: its best annual report awards. Fraport Slovenija has now become a winner in the category of best annual report in the area of sustainable development.

In addition to its win in the aforementioned category, Fraport Slovenija also received distinctions in the categories of best financial report (third place), best annual report in communications (third place), and best annual report at large enterprises (second place). 

This award is undoubted recognition for all those involved in the creation of this truly comprehensive, in-depth and accurate review of the past year, and is a reflection of the endeavours of everyone at Fraport, who believe in sustainability and who put this into practice in their everyday work,” said Taja Skobir, head of the integrated governance system at the company, when receiving the award.

We have been reporting transparently and comprehensively about aspects of sustainable development, which is one of the company’s key values, for five years now. Reporting has always focused on all matters of relevance to performance in the previous year, but a major turning point can undoubtedly be pinpointed last year: the bankruptcy of our longest-standing and most important business partner. The event, its management and the national consequences are a common theme running through the annual report on this occasion. 

And even if we were well prepared for that, this year has brought the surprise of epidemic, for which nobody in the global aviation sector was prepared, and whose impact will be felt by the industry for the years to come. In addition to the bankruptcy of our main business partner, the report also covered the beginning of the construction of the new passenger terminal, which is a key strategic project for the company and is vital to the furher development of the whole airport. Neither should we overlook all the other activities that we built up during the previous year, such as numerous other investments in the development of the airport city, a large number of social resposibilty projects, and the opening of the Fraport Aviation Academy in response to the need to train stuff from the Fraport Group and the broader market in various specialisations. There is also no getting away from our comittment to environmental responsibility, where we are strategicaly and effectively reducing our carbon footprint with new investments in energy efficiency and renewables, in the circular economy and in a fleet of low-carbon vehicles. 

All our activities are based on openess and encouragement in our dealings with one another, which makes it possible for the company to progress even in these unpredictable an turbulent times. Our reporting of the sustainability dialogue with all our stakeholders makes it clear that we strive for advanced ways of doing business, but with responsibility and sustainability. The outbreak of the health crisis makes this even more important. The crisis exposed the vulnerabilities of the human system, but given the drastic fall in carbon emissions, it also brought new opportunities for the planet. We have to understand that the health crisis has changed our world, and that from now on we will all need to know how to live more responsibly, while companies will have to be more responsible in the way that they do their business. We see the furher development of the airport city as an appropriate response to the new situation, as we see the airport as a contact point for a variety of complementary activities, altough our primary task remains restoring traffic.  

This sustainability reporting on all aspects of our business will continue to be a strategic opportunity in the future, as we are aware that this approach to reporting helps to raise awareness of challenges in the economy and in the industry among a wide circle of stakeholders.

The award is undoubted recognition for all the work invested in our past projects and activities, and is also one of the rare positive moments of year 2020, that will encourage all our future reporting of this type. 

We are proud to say that a report with such a rich density of content and well-rounded design is the fruit of numerous colleagues working together closely and with expertise, and demonstrating their interdisciplinary skills and knowledge. And we are delighted that the commission recognised their hard work and decided that it merited an award.