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The principal activity of the Aeroengineering Department of Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.o.o., public limited company, is airport infrastructure design, comprising airports, runways and heliports as well as facilities and devices needed for air traffic control and guidance. Investment engineering within the Aeroengineering Department ranges from a concept design to a works supervision. The concept design begins with preliminary research and studies, which serve as basis for physical planning draft documentation.

The Aeroengineering Department was established in 1972 when the preparations for the airport reconstruction were initiated. The reconstruction included: renewal and modernization of the runway, reconstruction of the airport building, power supply system and infrastructure. After the works had been completed it became clear that the Aeroengineering Department with its experiences gained during the process of construction, knowledge and skilled staff is capable of running and managing similar projects at the airports in Slovenia as well as abroad. Its existence and further flourishing has been ensured by the Aerodrom Ljubljana management. We started by managing and projecting the investments at our home airport to be able to establish ourselves as a promising engineering team, which has found its place not only on the Sloven ian market but as a result of gaining some important projects by tender (together with other Slovene companies) also on the international market. Our business policy is accordingly oriented.

Presently, the Aeroengineering department employs twelve differently profiled experts (airport technology, civil, electrical, mechanical engineering, and organization) who are highly specialized and skilled in planning, executing and managing all kinds of airport projects. The manager of the Aeroengineering is Mr. Stanislav Bobnar, who has been with this department from its beginnings. He was appointed as manager in 1990, being an expert on management and execution of projects. He still takes an active part in all the current engineering and other activities.